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3-6 Years

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Brookvale Dance Centre's Adventure program is specifically designed to meet the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of students aged 3 to 6 years
Adventure Timetable.

4:30pm Tap
5:00pm Hip Hop
5:30pm Acro (K1)

3:30pm Acro (K1)
4:00pm Hip Hop (K1)
4:30pm Jazz (K1)
4:30pm Ballet (K1)

3:00pm Tap (K1)
4:00pm Musical Theatre
4.30pm Jazz
5:00pm Ballet
5:00pm Ballet (Exam Extension)
3.30pm Acro
4:00pm Hip Hop
4:00pm Popping
4:30pm Hip Hop
5:00pm Breakdance

9:30am Ballet
10:00am Jazz
10:30am Musical Theatre
11:00am Tap
11.30am Hip Hop
12.00pm Acro

Dance is such a powerful way to help them grow!

Our adventure program is all about igniting their spark and inspiring creativity. Through visualisation and play, we explore movement, colour, concepts, and characters as we let our imagination run wild. Students uncover courage, demolish fear and discover themselves through dance. 

Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. The physical benefits of dance are widely accepted, but the emotional, social and cognitive attributes have only recently begun to be appreciated.  

Physical Development
Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than most other physical activities. This is accomplished through movement patterns that teach coordination and kinaesthetic memory. Dancing utilises the entire body and is an excellent form of exercise for total body fitness. Young children are naturally active, but dance offers an avenue to expand movement possibilities and skills. 

Emotional Maturity
Dance promotes psychological health and maturity. Children enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement. A pre-school child enters a dance class or classroom with a history of emotional experiences. Movement within a class offers a structured outlet for physical release while gaining awareness and appreciation of oneself and others. 

Social Awareness
Dance fosters social encounter, interaction, and cooperation. Children learn to communicate ideas to others through the real and immediate mode of body movement. Children quickly learn to work within a group dynamic. As the ongoing and sometimes challenging process of cooperation evolves, children learn to understand themselves in relation to others. 

Cognitive Development
Young children will create movement spontaneously when presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a movement response. Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea, problem, or intent and the outcome or solution. This teaches an infant, child and, ultimately, adult to function in and understand the world. The relationship of movement to intellectual development and education is an embryonic field of study that has only recently begun to be explored.

Our Adventure classes include classes in: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Musical Theatre & Acrobatics

Really happy to have found an awesome hip hop class for my son on the northern beaches!!
He looks forward to classes each week, and practices his moves weekly.
I would recommend Brookvale Dance Centre to everyone :)

Adventure Parent
You're child will adore our adventure classes!
Our Adventure classes have grown considerably in the past year,
we now have 15 Adventures for you to choose from every week!

Select just 1, 2 or 3 classes per week or jump on our unlimited class plan for extra fun and more adventures.

Most of our students do multiple back to back classes, as they say 'if you find something you love, do more of it'.

per week
Free Welcome pack
Free Signature Tee
✔️Make up classes
✔️Learning resources
✔️Uniform Discount Voucher

per week
Free Welcome pack
Free Signature Tee
✔️Make up classes
✔️Learning resources
✔️ Uniform Discount Voucher

per week

Free Welcome pack

Free Signature Tee
Free Adventure Gift

✔️Make up classes
✔️Learning resources
✔️Uniform Discount Voucher

Free Welcome pack

Free Signature Tee
Free Adventure Gift
✔️ Make up classes
✔️ Learning resources
 ✔️Uniform Discount Voucher

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect ?
Our adventure program is all about igniting their spark and inspiring creativity. Through visualisation and play, we explore movement, colour, concepts, and characters as we let our imagination run wild. Students uncover courage, demolish fear and discover themselves through dance. 

Q: What if he/she has never taken a class before?
A: Our programs are open to everyone regardless of their ability, the teachers of our adventure classes have sound knowledge of the learning needs required at various ages and will help customise activities to allow children to catch up should they need to. Some kids take to class like a fish to water, and some may take a  2-4 weeks to get used to the new surroundings. It is a lot to take in and we should never expect them to get it on the first day! Sometimes just observing class is a huge achievement, especially if they have not done any other activities or been exposed to larger social group settings. After being isolated due to covid over the past 2 years may also have caused some social anxiety for all ages and the best way to work through it is with patience and one step at a time :)  

Q: Can my Child do a trial class first?
A: Yes, absolutely. You can book a introductory week and try as many classes as you want for $22 to find the class that best suits you.

Q: Are parents allowed to watch the class?
A:   No, Unfortunately its is super distracting to both your child and the rest of the kids in the class to have parents in the room. We are also unable to have this due to covid restrictions/room capacity. Children can become easily distracted when parents are in the room and from our years of experience we find in a class setting the Children will concentrate better, follow instructions better and learn faster as well as develop their listening and social skills and form a special bond with their teacher. You are welcome to speak to your class teacher after class to ask questions or get feedback and we have regular events throughout the year where you will be able to watch what they have been learning. 
We have a spacious and comfortable foyer and kitchen area as well as bathrooms for parents and students to utilise as they wait for classes to start or finish.

Q: Are there both boys and girls in your classes?
A: Yes, we believe wholeheartedly in inclusivity in our classrooms and do not segregate. If a particular class makes your heart jump we welcome you to grow with us.

Q: What times are your classes on?
A: We have classes running 6 days per week see our timetable ABOVE

Q: What happens if I miss a class?
A: If your child misses a class due to illness they can attend a makeup class within 2 weeks of the missed lesson in any other class in their age group. We also enable you to join in to your class via Zoom as all 3 studios have large tv screens and zoom access.

Q: Where are you located and where do we park?
A: We are located on the first floor, Unit  3, 7 Orchard Road, Brookvale, park on the street or drive up the ramp and continue to the top floor rooftop parking. 
Please do not park or drop off on the same level as our unit, this is reserved for teachers and staff and can become very congested when everyone tries to turn around in there, it is also not safe for the students  entering and exiting the building.  During the Day there is plenty of street parking on and around the surrounding streets. We ask parents to please be extremely cautious when driving up and down the driveways, stick to the right side as students may be traveling on the left and maintain the speed limit of 10km per hour.

Q: What does he/she wear to class?
A: On your first day simply wear comfortable shorts, tights and a t-shirt or singlet. Upon enrolment your child will receive a FREE BDC Signature T-Shirt and a Uniform voucher to assist with your uniform purchase online.

Q: How much does class cost?
A: Brookvale Dance Centre pricing is 'all-inclusive' which means we have taken ALL your expenses for the year and calculated them into 11 monthly payments, debited on the first of each month. Monthly payments are inclusive of Class and program tuition, Uniform Voucher, Concert costume hire, Any additional performance rehearsals, certificates, Class Awards and More! 

Q: Do you accept Active and Creative kids vouchers?
A: Brookvale Dance Centre accepts both Active and creative kids vouchers which can reduce each students’ fees by up to $300 per year. To apply them to your account with us, simply enter the voucher information into the form accessible on the home page of our website or HERE
Vouchers must be received by the 15th of the month to allow us time to deduct them from your next monthly payment.

Q: Can we pay by term?
A: Yes we can we can set up a term payment plan, direct debited on the first day of each term. Please note term fees are not refundable. Please speak to our student success manager upon signing up if you wish to pay by term.

Q: Do you accept cash?
A: No, BDC is a cash free premise for security, all payments are done through our website and online, or via eftpos at the studio/reception

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