"You don't stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing"

Looking for adults dance classes on Sydney's northern beaches?

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Action is Brookvale Dance Centres adults dance program. Unique and uplifting classes, specifically designed for dancers of varying levels to connect and engage their bodies in a safe and energetic environment. Our sensational mentors will guide you through class, placing emphasis on your fitness, coordination and fun. Take time out for yourself in one of our blissful lyrical classes, energetic tap classes or soulful hip hop classes. We recognise your busy schedule and have a variety of payment options for our adults program. Join our community today and celebrate dance.

"If anyone is out there who has always wanted to try a dance class but never had the courage to turn up PLEASE DO! That was me all my life and I’m now 41, it’s never too late, I started about a year ago and I am so Happy I took the plunge..it really is so much fun and challenging in the best possible way! "

Jane Kaya -- Adults Grooves

You will love our adults classes

We simply asked our current students what they love about taking class at BDC

They said:

  • Classes are super fun, engaging, logical and easy to follow.

  • Classes allow both your mind and body to be challenged

  • Experienced teachers with great choreography

  • Friendly, inviting and inclusive atmosphere

  • Classes are held during the day and night to suit busy schedules

  • All ages are welcome, you are never too old to dance!

  • 2 easy payment systems to suit your schedule

  • Decrease the risk of injury in a safe fully equipped studio

  • Conveniently located in the heart of the beaches

  • Plenty of parking day and night

Casual Class & Membership Pricing

Our adults program has grown significantly in the past 6 months and we have moved to enable it to expand even more in 2021, this year we have over 20 Adults classes to choose from weekly and have introduced a number of new dance genres.

Our adult’s programs are currently for Beginner and Intermediate level dancers, many who have had previous experience when younger and miss it/need to keep dance in their lives, others have never had experience but always had a passion. Whatever your reason we have a class for you!

There are 3 options for Payments in our adults program as below:

Casual Attendance

$ 25
per class
  • Casual Attendance
  • TRIAL just 1 class before committing
  • For use only in our Adults Timetable

Introductory Class pass

$ 160
10 classes
  • Casual Attendance
  • Expires in 6 months
  • For use only in our Adults Timetable
  • First class pass only.
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I have little to no dance experience do you have a class for me?

Absolutely, at the moment our adults classes are for beginners to advanced beginners, meaning you will fit right in!

Family and work commitments make my schedule irregular can I drop in for casual visits?

Yes, that is the beauty of our casual class card, you can top it up whenever you need with however many classes you need and the classes have a 4 month expiry, so if you need to go on that 4 week holiday, go for it!

Can I attend a trial a class?

Absolutely if you are unsure which class is best you can sign up for $20 trial classes in our portal www.brookvaledancecentre.com/portal, however there is a really special deal coming up below to allow you to trial a bunch of classes for much cheeper stay tuned!

What do I wear to class?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, casual sportswear or gym gear usually does the trick depending on the style. Fitted clothes are best for lyrical and ballet with bare feet if you don't yet have ballet shoes :)

Where are you located?

Our Adults classes are all at our Brookvale Studio which is located at Unit 3 (up the ramp) 7 Orchard Rd, Broolvale.

I'm really into this and want to do unlimited classes, do you have a weekly unlimited deal?

We absolutely do and it's crazy low, if you wish to enrol in 3 or more adults classes. It is capped at just $199 per month! ($59 per week).

I have kids who also wish to dance do you have kids classes?

We sure do, actually we have over 50 kids classes per week, head over to our website www.brookvaledancecentre.com for more information on our kids programs.



Black $79 month (1 class per week)
Silver $139 Month (2 classes per week)
Gold $199 Month (unlimited classes)