Studio Guidelines & Policies

The safety of students who attend classes at Brookvale Dance Centre is the responsibility of their parents/guardians. Whilst classes are being conducted it is extremely hard to police the care of students who are either waiting for their lift home or for their next class to begin. If a student does need to wait on the premises they are to conduct themselves in an appropriate and safe manner.
No child is to be left outside the premise unsupervised.

Our studio emails newsletters 2 – 4 times per term (please ensure that your email address is on file and correct). A hard copy will also be given to your child in their class and it will be available to download from the ‘Parent Portal’ on our website.
Brookvale Dance Centre takes no responsibility for students not receiving information. Please check the website regularly for updated information. Also request access to our facebook group for up to date news and information.

Parents are responsible for purchasing the proper footwear, dancewear and necessary equipment for safety and success in class. New students have a period of 2 weeks to purchase the appropriate clothing. Any child not appropriately dressed may be refused entry to class.

Parents are not permitted to disrupt or watch a class or rehearsal in progress. Parents will be invited to watch classes on the parent viewing weeks (last week of Term 1 & 2)

Parents must be responsible for ensuring your children arrive and are collected on time. Teachers and staff are not always available to supervise late pickups. Students may be refused entry if they are continuously late to class. Lateness will also effect the students attendance score and may effect their eligibility for awards and performance opportunities at the end of the year.

Tuition fees are to be paid in full within 14 days. Fees paid after 14 days will automatically attract a $15.00 late payment charge. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid and no concessions will be made for missed classes. Payments can be made via Eftpos at the studio, Online or Direct deposit.

Private lessons must be booked through the studio and must be paid for in full. No credit will be given for missed lessons. Eisteddfod Solo students must book a regular time slot. If you are absent or sick you must find another student to swap or take your time otherwise you will still be liable for the original time slot booked. If you do not pay for your slot when you are absent your regular time will be passed onto another student, as spaces are very limited. Private lessons may be booked with any of our faculty to work on Technique, catch up classes, to develop a solo or duo for competitions or for additional exam preparation.

All students must arrive on time and in correct studio uniform to be admitted entry. Students must also dance in the appropriate age group. If a student is 12 in January and turns 13 in the first half of the year they may dance in the Intermediate level. Our Parent portal enables you to only enrol in the correct age group. Students timetable may change after Ballet exams due to moving on to the next grade.

Classes are normally closed to spectators, however all classes are open for viewing by parents and friends on OPEN DAYS during the last week of Terms 1,2 & 4. We do not have open week in Term 3 as we are extremely focused on rehearsing our concert work and look forward to having you at the concert to see the students development.

Brookvale Dance Centre is allocated unrestricted parking in the places marked around the unit and on the Grounds of 106 Old pittwater Rd.

Our end of year concert will be held in November at the Concourse Theatre in Chatswood.
Students will be required to purchase and wear the chosen costume for their class. Costumes are made for the students (occasionally trimmings need to be added) and are yours to keep.
Costume prices usually range from $50 – $100.
Occasionally we will utilize costumes from our wardrobe in which case there will be a $25 hire fee.
A $50 costume deposit (per class enrolled) will be required at the commencement of term 3, with the balance due by week 5, term 4.
Brookvale Dance Centre will do its best to accommodate all students but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit on costumes. Children come in all shapes and sizes and therefore alterations may be necessary.

The Concert is not compulsory. The performance is an exhibition of student progress throughout the year. Theatre and dress rehearsals in term 4 are necessary for the concert and will be at an extra rehearsal fee.

Tickets will go on sale through the Theatre Box office.
Brookvale Dance Centre will notify you when they go on sale.

Attendance is monitored in our new Studio management software, Awards will be given at the end of the year to students who have 100% Attendance. Students may also forfeit the right to perform at the concert or in Eisteddfods if there attendance is not sufficient.

Students wishing to do exams must attend 2 classes per week in that style/level.
Performance/Eisteddfod team members must take at least 1 class in each of the following styles: Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical or Contemporary. The team competes in all of these styles.

Scholarships will be awarded in each age group (Pre Junior/Junior/Intermediate/Senior) at the end of the year to students who have worked hard all year and represented themselves and the studio in the most professional manor. Things such as work ethic, ability, teamwork, dedication, attendance and Leadership will all be taken into consideration when selecting the winners of the scholarship.

NO responsibility will be taken for personal property. Lost property will be temporarily held at Brookvale Dance Centre in the lost in space box. All belongings must be clearly labeled with student’s full name. Unclaimed lost property will be donated to charity.

By enrolling at Brookvale Dance Centre you accept that any photographs or video recordings taken in the course of classes or performances may be used for publicity purposes including Brookvale Dance Centre Website.

Brookvale Dance Centre Timetable is subject to change based on number of enrolments, Teacher availability, Studio hire and Seasonal requirements. In the event of a change, you will be notified on the website, Via Email as well as on the Brookvale Dance Centre Members only facebook page.

Selection of classes should be chosen carefully in consultation with the student/parent/guardian & commit to the chosen schedule for the entire year. This is how students learn the value of commitment, the spirit of teamwork and the lesson of dedication. Students may sometimes not “feel” like going to class, this is normal in the ebb & flow of a student’s busy life. Encourage and motivate your child on these days by reminding them about all the things they love experiencing in their lesson and the goals they will achieve by attending. It is natural that when a child is learning something new that it takes time for them to feel confident and adjust to the teacher and the environment. This can happen in different stages of a child’s journey through dance and is a normal part of the process.

Please make sure you obtain a receipt for every payment made for costumes and fees at BDC.
Proof of payment must be shown for any concerns regarding your account.

Lesson fees do not include registration fee ($25 per year), dancewear, shoes, costumes, makeup, Special workshops, Additional rehearsals, Exams and related expenses, end of year photos/DVDs, audience admission to competitions, competition programs, concert tickets, private lessons, travel and eisteddfod entry fees or special events unless otherwise advised.

Second hand Footwear and Uniforms will no longer be kept on the premise, you may advertise your second hand items on our group facebook page (Second hand album), and use similar rules to other online Marketplace pages (first to put SOLD is the New owner, NIL is Next inline if the shoe doesn’t fit.) You may bring the item in and leave at reception for pick up, however BDC will not be responsible for any money handling. Please be sure to write the item name, size and price in the comments of your photos.