Looking for an awesome Hip Hop class?

Let your child discover the champion within as they overcome obstacles. Develop confidence, increase strength and resilience and grow up through the most comprehensive Hip Hop and Street Dance program in Australia.

"There is no other program that offers access to such a diverse range of street dance styles, and delivers them in such a logical, age appropriate and achievable way, i was blown away by how much my son had learned in such a short amount of time"

Brookvale Dance Centre cultiv8 Program is much more than just a hip hop class! Let them Connect, be energised and transform in this unique street dance program. Your child will gain confidence and belief in themselves, develop their creativity and discover their individuality!

Your child will astonish you with their Initiative and leadership skills which they develop through freestyle and student choreography opportunities. Students are also encouraged and enabled through both group and solo work.

More value than you can imagine! With the option of so many dance styles, access to additional online classes, Free gifts and merchandise and two performance opportunities where they can perform for family and friends, Cultiv8 is a value packed Syllabus, with endless moves and possibilities.


  • Access to our 'Vault', a phenomenal library of online classes

  • Inclusive Pricing. Everything and more is included in One easy to manage automated monthly fee. Our job is to make parents' lives simple, bringing ease to your family and your monthly budgeting.

  • SURPRISES! Students receive regular surprises to support their learning, encourage participation, and welcome them to the BDC family.

  • Our comprehensive and easy to follow street dance syllabus. The cultiv8 syllabus explores the history, vocabulary and dance techniques from a large variety of street dance styles including hip hop, breakdance, House, popping and locking and more, Students never run out of new moves!

  • Back to Back classes for each age group, street dance classes are all held on the same day.

  • Opportunities to Join our Hip Hop crews to represent the studio both in the community and in Hip Hop Competitions

What People Are Saying

“Miss Mel’s a really great dancer and a great teacher, The way she dances is amazing and her choreography is unique. What i love about Jack’s class is we get to battle a lot which is really fun, you learn something every time you step into the circle, the way Jack pops is world class! My grooves and musicality has become so much better since joining the program”

ARON (14)

ARON (14)

Varsity Crew Member

“Mel and Jack are always fun and encouraging, the Cultiv8 program is different from any other classes I've taken as I'm allowed to be myself and not dance like someone else.

SASHA (11)

SASHA (11)

Varsity Crew Member

“I like Miss Mel’s class because she's nice and makes it all fun!”



Junior Crew Member

Mel has pushed me to my limits over the past few years, I've become such a better dancer and become even more passionate about dance, so much that i want to make a career out of it. BDC is my home.

MADDY (18)

MADDY (18)

Senior Crew Member

"We don’t teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids"

A quote by Misty Lown, couldn't be more true at Brookvale Dance Centre. It is our Mission to enhance lives by nurturing fearless athletes. We are all about being your most authentic self, always trying your hardest, connecting and supporting one another, making informed decisions and taking responsibility, being bold leaders, innovating where possible and making sure our actions create a positive impact on the people and the world around us. We action all of this through movement and dance!


Value Packed!

The mega cool stuff that is included in our program at no additional cost!

  • FREE class uniform

  • Access to our 'ONINE VAULT" of additional classes

  • Birthday Gift

  • Priority booking of our Birthday Party room!

  • Invitation to our christmas party for you and your family

  • Cultiv8 Program Certificate of completion

  • Mini dance practice Journal

  • Production costumes are provided

  • Production Video and Group Photos

  • Cultiv8 Posters to remind you of all the moves

  • FREE Cultiv8 Backpack!



We keep our class sizes small to make sure that our connection to our students and their progress is big!

There are only four intake periods per year 

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